Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Birthday Lunch for Meems........

Mimi celebrated a Birthday while we were in today I took her for her annual Birthday Lunch! We went to a lovely place called "Table Three" up the road from where we live. It was elegant and the food was GREAT! I had not been there before, but Meems said that it was owned by one of local Eureka gals that used to have a little cafe and catering business on our Main Street! WELL.......Beth came out from the back and we expressed our congrats to her for her lovely place. Fun to see a local make it big:D Beth, we will be back!

Then we went to investigate the Cupcake Bar.....a new addition to the area.
So can go and pick out your cake base,
icing flavors
and toppings....
just like an ice cream store:D
They make it up for you right there
you can sit outside (on a cooler day) and enjoy your sweet treat!
I am going to have to take the grandkids there for something special:D

Their cakes were out of this world........and these are just a few!!!!!
You can visit them online here!

Check out the Prada purse and children's creations:D

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