Friday, August 05, 2011

New "DO" for our baby girl.........

After fighting the tangles all summer long.....
Carrie said it was O.K. to take Margo to get a hair cut!
She looks so adorable and so much older with this layers look:D
She is such a pretty little girl, any hair do would look good.......not too prejudice..LOL!
The girl, Sarah, that cut her hair was so kind and patient with Margo.
Since this was a rather new experience, she was a bit apprehensive:D
Wasn't sure what that lady had planned with those scissors!
I prayed on the drive to Fantastic Sam's that the place wouldn't be packed!!!!!
It is hard to know what Margo will do, and with a full house it could have been a trying experience. When we arrived......we were the only ones in the shop!
God works in mysterious ways.....LOL!

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