Tuesday, April 15, 2014

 Our Annual Easter Egg Hunt went off without a hitch!
The weather tried to fool us with rain all morning...
but when it came time for the hunt
it stopped!!!
On Saturday we went to the Cardinal game....
winner....10 to 4
against the Cubs!
Ballpark Village was quite impressive.
Reminded me of K.C. Power and Light District.

Great family time!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Shaw's Arboretum...........

Today we celebrated Spring at the Aboretum in Gray Summit.
The kids played while papa and I absorbed vitamin D.
Such a lovely place to spend the afternoon!

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Another day.....coming along :)

The rainy days and gray skies don't help with the picture taking!
I have always loved these trees....and now I remember why :^)

Monday, March 31, 2014

First Year this has Happened!!!!!!

Purchased this tree at least 5 yrs. ago!
Each year I am hopeful that it will bloom.
I wasn't sure I had purchased the right tree :(
It seemed to do well without blooming....
So I didn't worry.
Last year I had only one and BLOOM!
I was so proud
I took all kinds of pictures of my one bloom :)
Well..........guess what
This is how my tree looks like this year!
I had to document the blooming....so I am sharing!
How pretty are these blooms?
Happy happy me!
It doesn't take much to make my day!

Fun Week-End!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Southview Talent!

Talent is an exceptional gift that you have!  
To some it is artistic ability, to others it is musical! 
Well, with our little Peeps.....I would say that 
getting up on the stage, with all the lights and confusion 
and noise....no ear muffs, no sleeves while 
following the instructions....
was a stretch and a talent for MARGO!
No breakdown, no screaming from fear,
happy look on her face... 
telling us she was having a good time.

Her school, Southview, had their annual talent show yesterday!
All those little souls singing, dancing and playing instruments
tears your heart out.....but 
All of their faces were so proud and happy!
The teachers are unbelievable in their patience, kindness, teaching, caring, loving and more.
Their dedication to our children is amazing!
So glad you are there!!!!1

Thursday, March 13, 2014

'71' and Proud of It!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad to be 71 and healthy!
70 was a terrible year and I am glad to see it go.
Today is my Birthday and I am proud of it!
Although I am a little heavier than I would like...
I feel happy about my spirit, energy and enthusiasm.
I love the way 71 looks on me
and am thrilled to be here :)
Being blessed with three wonderful children
that love me very much....and continually tell me!
A hubby that is my supporter through everything and right by my side when I am not feeling so well.
Still leaving me a 'love note' every morning on the counter :)

Happy to have the talents God gave me....and Mom encouraged.
Thankful for the brains that it took to develop medicines to keep everything running smoothly.
So glad to start a NEW YEAR.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday Week-End..........

My three babes!
Carrie celebrated her 40th birthday March 4......
Hard to believe I have kids that old.....LOL

Always fun having this one around!
He keeps us all running :)

My sweet boys!


Margo is missing :( but Carrie had to work and Jim and Margo were chilling.

Olivia playing at Carrie's surprise birthday party.
I am not sure how surprised Carrie was....but it sure was FUN!

No this cake was not representing my birthday......but the birthday of St. Louis!
250 years ago our lovely city came into being!!!

Two of my sweeties...............Rog and Arica.

One of my favorite places....The Palm House in Tower Grove Park. The kids have taken me there before ....and I never tire of the lovely surroundings!

My computer is acting strange....printing things I didn't type :(
anyway....Tower Groves park was beautiful....gave us a taste of SPRING!

We celebrated all week-end....
Nothing like FAMILY!