Sewing Projects - UPDATED

A throw for watching tv in the winter ....LOL!  
It is "Hell getting" old!

My first Quilt Top!    ha  ha ...Oh my!

 A new quilt I recently finished to the point that it is at the quilters.
I believe the designer called it "fences".
We have a wonderful new quilt shop in St. Louis and I am really enjoying all the new fabrics...
This particular quilt is a scrappy quilt.....I have so many small pieces I thought it was time :)

This quilt is THROW size. 

Quilt top completed:D
Now to have it quilted......a little binding
and we will have a new throw for the family room sofa!
The colors are perfect and
MY CORNERS MATCH...except for just a couple!

Little Skorts made for all our grandchildren:D  A group of friends got together to sew for a day.....and this was the result!

Salsa skirts made for two of my granddaughters.  I made up the pattern and was really happy with the fluffy results:D

A No-Sew Wrap made from fleece!  I did make the trim and sew it on.  I used the scraps from the wrap, cut strips and gathered.  No hems required!!!!

Scarves made for all the daughters and daughter-in-laws for Christmas!  Made from felted sweaters found at thrift stores:)

I love making skirts!  These were all made for granddaughters:D

I used felted wool to make the flowers on each skirt.  Also added in a piece or two of the fabric from the skirt.  Love the way they turned out!

These little dresses were made from fabric I purchased at Hancock of Paducah!!!  Love that place:D

Dresses for Margo and Milly!

More skirts!  Cute Suess fabric from Hancock of Paducah.

Halloween outfits for Margo and Milly!

Winter jumper for Milly!

Maddie's Halloween Dress:D

This little jacket/vest was made for Margo.....
Found the cute buttons at Jackman's here in St. Louis!

Valentine dress and outfit for Margo and Milly! 
 Felted wool hearts were added:D

Below...........Valentine outfits for Maddie and Olivia!