I love thrifting, antiquing.....whatever you want to call it!  Auctions are fun, garage sales, Estate sales and any where else I can find discarded STUFF!  Here are some pics of things I have accumulated, recycled and sold in our booths at the Antique Mall:D  Enjoy!

Some of these items were purchased for collage/assemblage boxes I used to make for a wonderful shop called "Recycled Rose".  Some items never made it away from our know how that goes:)

These pics were taken at a flea market last year:)  What a fun day!

Below is a pic of my sis one day while we were working our booths at the Antique Mall:)

 These 2 doll houses 
were found at the local Antique Mall 
for 30.00(Handmade house)  
and 20.00 for the metal one from the 1950's. 
 I have them both in the kids room at our house:D

 This little desk 
sits in our entry 
along with the black chair. 
 Both were garage sale finds:)