Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Quick bathroom make-over......

This lower level bathroom has always been accented in bright colors.....
so a change was needed badly!
Hubby and I laid the floor and put up the bead board almost 7 yrs. ago.
Since the room is basically white......a change wasn't difficult:D
A trip to Homegoods & Target got me started.

The large piece of furniture was purchased many years ago at an estate sale......
just a couple coats of white enamel
a good round with the sander.....and Voila!

Most of the pieces hanging on the walls were nabbed from other areas of the house....or the storage area.
The framed egg botanical prints were purchased at a paper show my sis and I went to some years back. They originally hung in the laundry room but have been replaced with the chalkboard (in the post below).
The fern and Salomon's Seal plants I dried and framed after seeing Martha do them on one of her segments:D

New towels and woven rug were purchased at Homegoods.
The pieces on top of the cabinet were items
I made (like the collage box)
or had (like the fall fruit and pine cones)
or bought (like the basket.....Target find).

This room is easy to change since there really isn't any color to work around.
The wall are painted "Dried Grass"....a color I found at Walmart of all places!
I love the color and have used it several places in our home:D

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