Thursday, March 13, 2014

'71' and Proud of It!!!!!!!!!!!

So glad to be 71 and healthy!
70 was a terrible year and I am glad to see it go.
Today is my Birthday and I am proud of it!
Although I am a little heavier than I would like...
I feel happy about my spirit, energy and enthusiasm.
I love the way 71 looks on me
and am thrilled to be here :)
Being blessed with three wonderful children
that love me very much....and continually tell me!
A hubby that is my supporter through everything and right by my side when I am not feeling so well.
Still leaving me a 'love note' every morning on the counter :)

Happy to have the talents God gave me....and Mom encouraged.
Thankful for the brains that it took to develop medicines to keep everything running smoothly.
So glad to start a NEW YEAR.

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Dawn said...

Happy Birthday, Linda!!!! You go, girl!