Saturday, March 15, 2014

Southview Talent!

Talent is an exceptional gift that you have!  
To some it is artistic ability, to others it is musical! 
Well, with our little Peeps.....I would say that 
getting up on the stage, with all the lights and confusion 
and ear muffs, no sleeves while 
following the instructions....
was a stretch and a talent for MARGO!
No breakdown, no screaming from fear,
happy look on her face... 
telling us she was having a good time.

Her school, Southview, had their annual talent show yesterday!
All those little souls singing, dancing and playing instruments
tears your heart out.....but 
All of their faces were so proud and happy!
The teachers are unbelievable in their patience, kindness, teaching, caring, loving and more.
Their dedication to our children is amazing!
So glad you are there!!!!1

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