Saturday, December 07, 2013

Hermann's Rectory Tour....

I look forward to the St. George Catholic Rectory Tour every year. 
Hermann, Mo. comes alive with all kinds of Christmas celebrations.
We have been doing this for 5 years and it just gets better each year.
 Father Bill decorates the rectory like a MAD MAN! 
He collects, purchases and finds decor items all year long.
 Then on the 1st of October the decorating starts.
Anyone that wants to help is welcome
Father Bill
 has the entire plan already in his head.
 He does so much with his artistic talent it is really impressive.
He does the paintings you see and much you don't see.
He has painted wall murals in many of the rooms:  
Peacock Room, 
Wizard of Oz room 
the Phantom of the Opera Dining room.
 It was so crowded it became impossible to get pictures of all the rooms.

 There are more than 100 trees in the house with about 60 of them being over 6' tall!

 I am lucky to get one up and am so proud of myself when I do.....ha..ha

Father Bill uses anything and everything in his decor....
He created several lovely wreaths and decor using old jewelry. 
Evidently parishioners contribute to his stash each year
making these wonderful pieces possible. 

This is Father Bill's apartment in the rectory.
Bev and Cyndy are checking out the HUGE pinecones in his display!

What a fun day with a great lunch at Bev's cousins restaurant.

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