Sunday, December 29, 2013

Another Wonderful Year!

Christmas eve is always at our house!
Santa usually makes his appearance...
although not all the children are as excited 
as years past.

The boys were so excited to give us the outside heater!!!
It took Rog and entire day to get it together.
It seems like the should charge a lot less
since we do all the work....LOL

The boys come out early so that avoids a lot of confusion!  
 Margo and Milly, usually come early as well.

Milly loved her Easy Bake Oven........


 and.....of course Margo loved 
her boxes of her favorite foods!


Christmas Day it is K.C. all the way!
Our girls were ready for us with a musical medley!
The drummer forgot her pants though.

Later in the day....
Aunt Sheila, Uncle Chris and the twins arrived :)
Sheila brought some board games 
and the kids were really into it!

 Jeff had this fire pit built. 
It turned out a lot larger than they planned.....
but it is cool!

 We revived the BUNKO game 
as always 
it really got silly!
The kids had a great time as well,
even though some of the gifts were
adult oriented...ha..ha

Late in the evening...
the kids roasted marshmallows and made some-mores
A happy ending to another wonderful Christmas!

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