Saturday, February 04, 2012

Some Things I Can't Live Without.......

"Between Naps on the Porch" put out a challenge
to see some of the things we can't live without!
After going through the list she posted.....
I thought I would join in
since I have somethings that fit right into the category!
Things I use ALL THE TIME and would be hard pressed to go on without!

Above you see a cluster of Jars on my counter top!
I use Jars for everything.
I pick them up when I see them at Goodwill
any size any shape
I will use them all!
Here you see them numbered.
I ordered some vinyl numbers on Etsy
and simply applied them to my numerous Jars!

First item is my IMAGINE Baby Lock Serger!!!!
Don't know how I got along sooooo many years without it!
It makes sewing children's clothing....
or anything for that matter.....
so much easier and fast!
Finishing off all the raw edges
making the item look professional!

I have been known to sew an entire pair of P.J. bottoms
on the Serger:D
I love to sew, probably as much as I love to paint and draw.
Have been sewing all my life....
and this machine is one of my best purchases!
If you love to might want to try one out;)

Next is my favorite writing implement......Sharpie Markers!
Who can get on without Sharpies?
The fact that they will write on anything
makes them more valuable than any other marker:)

I have them everywhere......
and even the bathroom!
They work great on plastic bags I use when packing for a trip!

Swiffer Dusters have become a Must Have for me.......
Makes cleaning so much easier!
The multi angled handle is great for ceiling fans and getting the top of cabinets.
The extending handle also is great for cob webs....
that have taken up permanent residence
at out home:(

If you are budget minded....I might add that you can wash
the soiled duster pads in the washing machine......
just don't put them in the dryer, which mats them together.

I don't know if everyone already uses Oxi Clean or not.....
but if you don' should!
Since I have booths at the Antique Mall....
I am forever getting linens that are soiled!
But.....what others pass up because of stains
I pick up....knowing that my favorite laundry product
will get them good as new:D
When the G-kids work in my studio
sometimes we end up painting our clothing
as well as the paper.
Oxi Clean to the rescue!!!

This little product made by 3M....Dust Remover...
is great for cleaning out my keyboard,
sewing machines
and serger!

I recently misplaced my magnetic pin holders.....and I was lost!
I had piles of pins on every flat service in our family area.
It appears that hubby
put my magnetic holders,
loaded with pins
up high on a little hands
wouldn't get into them:)
When I found that Walmart had some
(not as good as the ones I had)
but I did purchase a couple!
A girl can't have too many pin holders....or scissors...Right?

Well, that is my list!
What do you have to have to go on?

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Virginia Floyd said...

Love your list! I was a sceptic about Swiffer dusters, but I bought some about a year ago, and I'm a convert! I didn't know you could wash them, though. Sounds like the tip about not putting them in the drier is from experience.

lindaharre said...

Oh yes Virginia! I ended up with several yellow fluffy wads...not much good for anything...LOL!

Scribbler said...

Thanks so much for visiting -- I am now following. I took a peek at your other blogs, too, and I commend you in your new venture. You are a busy woman!

Great list! I didn't even think about Swiffers but I would hate to have to do without them.

Susan BetweenNapsOnThePorch said...

Wish I sewed well enough to need a serger...impressive looking machine! Great tips!