Friday, February 03, 2012

Hit the Mother Load!

A friend and I went to have lunch in Webster Groves today....
.and on the way
decided to stop at a new little fabric store
that we had both visited once before
right after their opening!
Gore Ave.

WOW, were we surprised.
The fabric selection was large
the creativity around the place was abounding:D
We were just about ready to leave.....
we spotted the marked down rack at the front of the store.
Getting designer fabric for 5.00/ yd. with NO FREIGHT
is how I like to roll:D
Well......about an hour later
we were happily on our way!
We were able to pick from Anna Marie Horner,
Heather Bailey
and many more favorite designer fabrics!!!!!
We have so few fabric stores in St. Louis......
it was so exciting to find a large selection of designer fabrics
right here in our neck of the woods.....YEA!
Here is a peek at a few of the wonderful fabrics we found.
These will be added to my stash for my next sewing tantrum..ha..ha!

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