Monday, February 06, 2012

Milly called me this afternoon.............

.....and all I heard was this excited little voice!
I asked her to slow down because I couldn't understand
a thing she was saying....LOL!
She said she missed me and papa
wondered if she and Margo could come over for a visit!!!!
HELLO.....she didn't have to ask...............of course!
She and sis arrived soon after the school bus
dropped Margo off at home:D
After a little playing
more playing
Milly was ready to paint:D
She is always ready to paint!!!

Can you say...THRILLED!
As an artist and former art teacher
I couldn't be happier!
Not to mention
that I couldn't get any of my own children
interested in drawing or painting. to the studio we went!
She picked the colors she wanted
and I got the paper.

It wasn't long before she had several paintings
She definitely had Valentines on the brain:D

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