Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Annie Sloan is now in St. Louis!!!!!!!

Annie Sloan

Annie's shop in Oxford, England

The magnificent Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
( aka ASCP)
that you have heard about on so many of the blogs
is NOW AVAILABLE in little ole St. Louie:D
I can't tell you how happy that makes me....
and my pocket book!
I have spent hundreds on these fabulous products
no small part of that was FREIGHT!

Now at Chesterfield Mall you can find an art shop called
Wood Icing Studio Gallery!

They are distributors for this world famous paint:D
If you haven't tried it.....I would highly recommend it!
No priming, no sanding and......the most beautiful
strong chalk like surface reminiscent of an aged patina.
Her waxes are to die for as well................
the prices will set you back some bucks,
but after using these products
you will agree that they are well worth the money!

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