Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Kitchen Chairs:)

After many years of using these large wonderful chairs in our kitchen....
we decided it was time for a change!
The main reason being
that these chairs sit in a very sunny spot of our home
with no filter for the SUN!
Also, they sit right next to a heat register.
After many years of the kids bouncing in and out of them.....
the wicker has started to get brittle and break
I hate that because the chairs are so comfortable and sturdy.

We have been looking for the last 6 months
to find something that would still go with our glass top table
and the rest of the furniture in the room
as well as being comfortable and cozy.

Today we set out on an adventure
to see what was out there.
I have found some online at IKEA
but you are never sure until you get them
they are really meeting all your specs.

We hit World Market,
Pottery Barn,
Home Goods,
Phillips Furniture,
Home Depot
Lowes....with no luck.

Finally we went back to Pier 1
where I had looked several weeks ago.....but found nothing.

This was a
new day and they had just received
their Spring Shipment of goods!

There....sitting among the new arrivals
were chairs that met most of our needs.
We needed the natural wicker/seagrass/rush (anything natural) look......but it couldn't be picked apart by little hands and couldn't dry out from all the heat in its little nook:)
These cute chairs had a "sort-of arm" that my hubby wanted.
They were wicker.....but coated with plastic for outside use.
They were sturdy reinforced with metal frame.
They came in the natural color we wanted.
And they went fine with our existing table!!!!!
The stars were aligned!
Now....the only problem was that they only had 2!
We purchased the 2 that they had
and I will be scouting for the other 2 in the next several days!
Problem solved....................

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