Friday, February 17, 2012

Dining Set Finished........s.w.e.e.t

I found this set at a thrift store many months ago.....
and...procrastinated due to the size of the project.

This entire set had been stripped
by someone
was minus any seats for the chairs:(

With all the stripping done,
you would think the project would have been simple........NOT.

First hubby had to make some seats for the chairs
I had to gather foam, batting and fabric for the job.
(I also found a light weight
staple gun at Sears....
Beats the heck out of Hubby's gun
that I can hardly
pull the handle...even with both hands!)

Next came the painting, sanding and waxing!
As usual, I used Chalk Paint.....
but this time
I used my homemade mix!!!!!
(for more on that check a previous post)

After all that work
I wanted to be sure I wanted to sell it!
The best way to do that
was to set it all up in our kitchen:D

That is exactly what we did this morning
I still love the look of my glass top table and armed chairs

Not to take anything away from the set
I do love the contemporary look
of the chairs!
Very today....don't you think?

So.....the decision was made!

Good bye has been nice,
but now it is time
for you to hit the Mall!
We have spent some lovely hours together
I will never forget you:D

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Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

What a surprise... when I saw the pic, I thought for sure you had decided it was staying... but, I prefer the other one, too.... this one is cute, and very nice, but too commonplace for you, my darling !! love you !--thanks for the wonderful comment on the latest painting...-oils are sooo much cooler to work with than those pesky acrylics !!

Anonymous said...

Nice work, your sunroom looks lovely!

Corey Moortgat said...

Oh, I'm sure it will sell, although I have to say that it looks really nice in your room! What a beautiful sunroom!

And, btw, no, I wasn't up at 4:30 am writing that! It was pre-written, and I published it at 7:30 my time- it probably reads 4:30 on the west coast!

Justine said...

I found you on Linky followers and am now following you! Please visit my page when you have a chance

lindaharre said...

Good Corey........I was getting worried about you....LOL!