Monday, January 23, 2012

Gallery Walls..........

Many years ago I started a Gallery Wall
on the lower level where hubby and I have our desks and computers:D
At the time.....weddings were happening every year
it wasn't any time that we had plenty of photos to fill
the largest of the walls.
Periodically I have added more black frames and new pics
as the children arrived on the scene.
It has been a work in progress since it began.....just as it should be!

But.............after receiving new pics
of many of the grandchildren as Christmas gifts....
I felt it was time to re-do the entire thing

I had NO IDEA how much time that would take
well worth it in the end.

I started by taking down photos,
taking them apart,
cleaning the glass and frame,
adding matts if I planed on changing the photo size.

You see...I wanted more current pics
of the children and families....
even though I loved the old photos as well.
I simply left the old photo behind the new photo
so that sometime in the future they will be waiting for me there:D

What started as one wall has grown into a 3 wall extravaganza.....and I simply love it!
We are all about FAMILY around here.....and that is what these walls speak to............

I have added some 3D elements since Gallery Walls are so in these days!

Below is the third wall to get into the act....LOL! Did I mention that I had to find all the pics on my computer, size them to the frames I had available and print them out?
That was another it took me soooooo long:D

The door to the right is the entrance
to the powder room I mentioned in one of the last posts:D

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Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

Your walls look great! I love the added elements. We have a large extended family too, so I have lots and lots of photos too. My husband and boys bought me 4 frames for Christmas so now I have more to work with. I am working on rearranging the family room photos right now, and then will finish the gallery wall in the living room.