Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sister Love.......and Valentine dresses :D

Margo's Outfit!
(felted sweater hearts)

Milly's Jumper.....felted sweater heart!
one on the back too:D

Sandy and I are now spending every Wed.
doing something together.....nothing is off limits...LOL
This Wednesday was set aside to make Valentine dresses
for our Grandbabies:D
We got a start....and will have to finish up at a later date.
We made these little jumpers with a light lining....
then quilted them front and back.
I think you can see that here....if you look closely.

I consider my sister my best friend!!!!
I love spending time with her and working on projects together.
Over the years we have followed one another from interest to interest!
I guess you could say that we both inherited similar genes
from our parents.....
and our interests have always been similar as well.
We both became art teachers,
we are both artists,
love sewing,
love homemaking,
enjoy our homes
both put our family before anything else.
We went to the same college,
got our Master's Degrees from the same institution.
We retired the same year so that we could spend more time together.
We have shared a booth at the Antique Mall for 3+ years now
and both have an addiction to "thrifting"!
We are constantly running into each other at
Goodwill or at Jackman's
buying fabric for our next project.

When we were young, we fought like cats and dogs........
I guess the 3 1/2 yr. age difference had a lot to do with that:)
But........when I left for college,
we both missed the other
it wasn't long before she was coming down
to spend week-ends with me at Cape!

Having a sister that 'get's me' is sooooo special!
We share all our pains and excitement.
We really understand each other
rely on each other for an honest opinion.

While everyone in my family is important to me.....
my sis has a special place!
The kids have their own family's
and are spending most of their time raising their children it should be:)
Hubby has his brother and buddies
that love to watch sports with him or share their stories
about jobs, politics, finance and golf.

My sis and I are on the same page almost all the time.
I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sister
that loves me like no other.......
always has and always will!
I love her so much and thank God for this blessing
he has given me all my life!

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Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

You're makin' me cry.... now, that what you had in mind ? ha ha -- WELL, it WORKED ! Love you to PIECES, my darling !!!

I always look forward to being with you and sharing my life with you !!

Virginia Floyd said...

So wonderful...I envy you. I don't have a sister. I have two bothers whom I love, but it's different.

bev said...

Love seeing all of your is Inspiration! I don't have G-kids to sew for and I love seeing your creations. Love them!