Thursday, June 23, 2011

What A Beautiful Day......

My neighbor and I enjoyed the most beautiful day at the Mo. Botanical Gardens today! The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio! Such a special place!

We went to see the Lily display that was fabulous! So many different varieties and oh so many colors!!!!!

True Lilies.

Several artists taking advantage of the beautiful weather!

Bear Breeches.

The old library in the background is the building they will soon open to the public! Evidently it was the private library of Henry Shaw and contained books and specimens he collected.

This is the garden that can be seen from the windows of Henry Shaw's home. Wouldn't we all enjoy a garden like this in our back yard?

The "Maze" also located
in the former back yard of Henry Shaw's home.

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Jean said...

Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday, better late than never! I usually have the post up by 9 on Mondayt night so you can link up any time after that. Beautiful bloom shots!