Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Harvesting Vegetables and Flowers....

Look at my little Egg Plants:D
So cute and small!
My neighbor started these plants from seeds
and gifted me with two plants.
It is so much fun watching them grow
producing these tiny little fruits.
Below you will see my tomato plant
that has already provided lunch for hubby last week!
These little tomatoes are from a patio plant purchased at Walmart.
I have many more Big Boy plants growing
at the Community Garden in Pacific!

Hubby bought me two Mandevilla plants for "Mother's Day"
and both are doing quite well!

My daughter gave me a Gerbera Basket
for Mother's Day
it is doing well sitting on the deck!

Wonderful Lily!

Thanks to our new neighbors.....
I have found something that keeps the
rabbits and deer
from eating all of my plants before they even bloom!
Last year I was ready to GIVE UP!
The buds would form and be gone the next morning....UHM
This year thanks to "Deer Off" they have done little damage
I am finally seeing my lilies bloom for the first year in a long time:D

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