Sunday, April 03, 2011

Several Weeks Ago!

Remember this little skirt? Well, I received a pic of our Sophie in her new skirt along with a couple other pics. I know everyone gets tired of seeing pics of our grandchildren.....but they are the world to us....each and every one of them:D

This is our grandson....Jack! A gorgeous child with a talent for music. He plays the piano very well and loves to sing as well. Sweet boy, I only wish we could see him more often.....we will have to work on that:D You might remember that he was in a Jr. High production that we went to not too long ago!

This is our granddaughter Sophie:D Precious little girl that loves arts and crafts. I made her this little skirt and her mom sent me a pic of her in it:D Thanks seeing the kids in things I made:D I will get busy and made a few more summer things for all our girls. Nana needs to keep busy.......or else I might get in trouble.
Here are the kids at our house.....where they surprised papa and I with a beautiful birthday cake. They are getting so doesn't seem fair. Since I just got these pics I thought I would share:D

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