Saturday, April 02, 2011

Successful Saturday:D

We had so much fun at dinner tonight.
The girls seemed to like the skirts I made for them
I was able to find some cute t-shirts to go with them as well.
While at Target I also found some cute summer sandals
I just couldn't pass up:D
We ate at the Spaghetti Factory
and then
Papa gave the girls money to spend at the dollar jewelry store up the street.
It took them no time at all to find the items they wanted.
With our bellies full and smiles on the girls faces we headed for home!

Rog and I worked all day in the yard
(sun shining and 70 degrees)....perfect weather
to get the yard spruced up for our little Birthday Party Bar-B-Q
for the twins tomorrow:D
What a fun will be early to bed tonight!

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