Wednesday, February 02, 2011

this & that since I am snowed in.........

Project Rog and I finished last night:D I found this darling little 6 light brass chandelier at Goodwill!!!!! I spray painted it and once dry (took so long in this cold) Rog hung it in our little walk-in closet! No comment on the closet please:D We do the best we can.....ha..ha

Yesterday I made some Butternut Squash good with a little nutmeg:D Since I had time....I photographed the progress.....that what snow can do!

Margo's new gig:D No school again she came to visit! Once the normal demands were met (food, bath and more food) she pulled off her bedspread and wore it like a silly! She has been wearing somekind of blanket or such for the past several weeks....plays hell with my house cleaning since dragging it around picks up all the dirt and dust that I have missed. Anyway, she is happy and I could really care less:D It is always something with this little girl and I simply love it all!

It is so GRAY outside and I was bored waiting for this HISTORIC STORM! Grabbing my camera, I took a few pics of the gloomy house......I NEED MORE SUN:D
Well..........that is it from this ice covered area of the Midwest! Stay warm and keep the chin up....Spring has to be close behind!

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