Friday, February 04, 2011

What a dinner.......Happy Birthday Uli!

The Birthday Boy!

The Cook.....and WOW can she cook!

Our new neighbors entertained in celebration of Uli's 50th! The food was German and ALL PREPARED by the hostess. She had been cooking for 3 full days and it was a FEAST! She prepared every dish and spared no expense. Having just arrived from German several months ago.....their traditions were fresh. The time spent cooking is a sign of love and caring. The emphasis is on the enjoyment of the meal....not what can be prepared quickly purchased at Sam's Club! They are planting a garden next Spring in order to produce the vegetables they enjoy eating:D Right up my ally.....not that I do it, but that I would love to do it. Steffi had vegetable plants started and sitting all over the house (in window sills). Truely a lovely evening with friends and neighbors........restoring some of the traditions my parents held dear.

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