Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas at Our House!

Our dining room tree is decorated in white/gold/silver! I really like the results.....and some of you will see the ornaments you have given me in the past:D I keep them all!!!!

The lantern is from Recycled Rose.....I bought several:D Love the battery run candles....makes it so safe when you have little ones around:D

This is the dining room table.

On the upstairs mantle I simply added live greenery......thanks Pat for the suggestion of getting free scraps from the tree lots. I used them all over the house:D

The shelf in the hall to the bedrooms. Simple.....less is more!

The downstairs tree is done in red this year! I simply got tired of the traditional tree and decided to change it up this year. I am sure I will go back to the old way next year.....but I really like the shift for one year:D

Almost all the presents are comment, hubby helped...LOL! Hey, I am not complaining.....he HELPED!!!

Added a little bling to my vintage photo tree in the downstairs restroom.....people can sit and wonder...LOL!

The downstairs mantle is simple as well.........just an old violin some berries, greens and
ribbon. Several trees with no lights....just green:D

Hope your home is ready to celebrate as well!

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