Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Ice Stopped the Baking.......

Today my daughter and I were going to bake Christmas Cookies
for Margo and Milly's teachers.
Last night we had an ice storm
the streets were very slick this morning........schools were called off!
With Margo and Milly home
we feared that little baking could be accomplished on our part.......
so we canceled!
I decided to go ahead and bake anyway........
thus the Oatmeal Scotties and Pecan Balls are cooling in the kitchen:D
I may make some Chocolate Chip cookies tonight!
I did finish all the wrapping and several scarves
I was making for little girls:D

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cheryl kuhn said...

Baking is my goal today, glad you were able to get some of yours done. Wish we lived closer and could do a cookie swap!!