Thursday, October 14, 2010

City Garden certainly didn't disappoint!

I just love our CITY!
St. Louis has so much to offer and enjoy.
Oh yes, we have our share of problems.....what city doesn't,
but the pluses certainly out-weigh the minuses!
We have gorgeous places that are so unique.
Today we visited City Garden
I was amazed at the amount of fabulous artwork our city has acquired
and placed for public viewing.
There is a great Kieth Haring piece
along with a of my favorite French artists.
The fountains are so user friendly.......
and I understand children have been enjoying them
since the Garden opened in 2009!

Milly really enjoyed running between the water sprouts.....even though it was a little cool!

I am ashamed to say that this was my first visit.....
but since I retired I don't find myself in the city very often.
I do wish I hadn't waited so long
but will be visiting on a regular basis from now on!

What a lovely "Green Space"......and right here in St. Louis!

Yea St. Louis................another gem in your crown:D

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