Thursday, October 14, 2010

Santa Rosa of Lima......& Beautiful Fall Days!

My granddaughter Josie has been asked to make a statue of Saint Rose of Lima for her project at school.....................and................she has asked me to help:D Since I am not Catholic, I had to do a little research and found that Saint Rose of Lima is the first Saint from the Western Hemisphere. She is the Saint to all of the America's and the Saint of gardeners and florists.

Many of you are very familiar with the Saints, but this is all new to me:D Being raised a Presbyterian, we don't pray to Saints, only Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

We are to make this Saint from a 2 liter bottle, which presents it own set of problems....LOL
Josie and mom will be over tomorrow night to start construction......this should be interesting. I will post pics of the finished result, but no chuckles:D

Today Carrie, Milly and I are off to the City Garden..........a newer park in downtown St. Louis. I haven't been there and am anxious to see what I have heard so much about. Yesterday, Carrie and I took both girls to the Botanical Gardens and we had such a wonderful time. Margo did fine without a stroller or wagon. She is learning to stay with us and not run off:D We fed the fish and enjoyed the beautiful day with a snack on the lovely patio! I love Fall..............such a wonderful respite from the sweltering summer we had.

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