Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Here to Haiti.................

This is a picture of workers packing supplies
at the warehouse
coordinated by Debbie Woodard in MN.
Debbie wrote today to say that she just started a new blog
will picture those from around the world helping her
with the relief effort.
If you are interested in sending her pictures
you and your friends working on
"Ditty Bags" for orphans,
anything else she has called out for.....
you might want to check out the blog and leave her a message!
There is such joy in doing for others:D
We thank you Debbie for putting this together so that we can all be a part!!!!

1 comment:

Cat said...

No, YOU are the blessing, doing so much work!!!

I guess it all takes many links! In fact my start came from OneCrabapple with a post she did to encourage people to get involved with the Haiti situation.

Thanks for letting me know about Deb's blog, that's cool!