Friday, March 12, 2010

Thank You ....from Haiti Rescue Center

Sweet Thank You Note from those at the RHFH and Debbie...............
If any of you are interested in sending items for the relief effort you can send them to:
Debbie Woodard
Northrup King Bldg.
1500 Jackson St. N.E.
Mpls., MN 55413
There is still such a need in Haiti! Many will be living on the streets or in tents for months and probably years to come:( Don't forget them in your prayers....
With the help of many friends we have been able to send off over 100 bags for orphans serviced by the RHFH.
Bags for adult hygiene were sent as well
About 40 dresses for little girls have been made and sent
as well as 20 pr. of shorts for little boys!
We are still sewing and hope to continue our help in the near future.
I am sending some baby quilts but have now bound them yet.
Sandy has made some receiving blankets from fleece and they are on their way as well!
Go to the Rescue Center to keep up with daily blog posts!

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Cat said...

You are such a blessing to these people!