Thursday, March 18, 2010

How we spent St. Pat's..........

We had our little boys St. Pat's night and today!
We were so lucky to have them to play with.....and play we did!
After working in the yard where the boys helped rake.....
we were off to the McDonald's and the Park!
They played golf while I tried to get in some of my 10,ooo steps!
Papa kept a close eye
while these two little dare devils climbed to the top of this huge structure
over and over again to get the rush of the BIG SLIDE!
Hunter is definitely more adventurous then Chase......
but they both made the hair on my neck stand up....
climbing up the rock wall and ladders!
What a beautiful day we had and we ended it with an ice cream cone:D

Nothing like a beautiful day to lift your spirits:D

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