Monday, October 20, 2008

This and That................... are some of the pillow cases I have completed! Love the paper dolls.....still have more to make:D

today I asked Sheila if I could have the boys
while she caught up on some chores....
she was sweet enough to bring them out.
The boys and I had fun outside!
We found a Walking Stick
a Turtle
both of which provided a huge amount of entertainment:D

Then it was time for lunch.......always giving me many Kodak Moments!

Tonight we will have dinner with Mommy (Daddy is out of town) and then Papa and I will kiss them good-bye....
I hope your day was full of smiles and giggles like mine:D


missy j said...

Looks wonderful. Lucky lady you are.

Jorgelina said...

It has blog very pretty.
I liked the covers of the pillows, the fabric of the beautiful dresses.
A greeting from Argentina