Sunday, October 26, 2008

We are just back from Branson, Mo.

We had beautiful weather and a perfect day for golf! We played with a darling man and his son-in-law! Great meeting people like that! The course was magnificent......"Thousand Hills", as were the colors:D On our way home, my son called to say that they were going to the little steam engine ride I have spoken about before. It is just minutes from our home.........and.....they wondered where we were on the road? We happened to be about 20 minutes out and were able to meet them and ride with them for the last ride of the season:D Nothing makes me happier than being with our kids:D

Many years ago I had the privilege of visiting the campus of "School of the Ozarks" (it used to be a college and is now a University) located in Branson, Mo. This isn't just any the students get to go FREE, but have to work for their room and board! UNIQUE IDEA? I don't think so! These students are taught to appreciate their education while building some good work skills that will be valuable life long! Where do they work? Well, this campus is practically self sufficient:D Students can work at the "Mill" where they actually grind all their own flour for the needs of the campus, their restaurant, and for sale to the public. Their dairy is completely run by the students where they learn to milk the cows (actually run the machines that milk) and process the milk. They can choose to work in or around the green houses where they provide the flowers for the campus and maintain a beautiful orchid collection that was given to them years ago! They can work in the agricultural area of campus doing the chores involved with planting, growing and harvesting crops. There are so many jobs on campus that a student doesn't have a hard time finding something they enjoy doing. This keeps them free from debt upon graduation and equipped to handle the rigors of the working world.
Students that might be interest in this manner of gaining their University degree must be TOP STUDENTS during their high school years. High SAT scores are also necessary. Students must also be recommended in order to study here! The process isn't easy since there are only 1200 students on campus! The student/teacher ratio is 16 to 1.................WOW! That is certainly unique for a University campus:D
I have thought about this school for the last 25 years and have often thought what a wonderful idea this school represents! You can imagine how much fun it was yesterday to take a tour again of this gorgeous campus. If you are interested in knowing more about this simply GOOGLE "School of the Ozarks" and you will be amazed. I am sharing these pictures with you to give you an idea of how successful this entire adventure has been for the last 100 years:D


In this first collage you see some beautiful spots on campus and some of the rare Orchids in the greenhouse! I am standing in front of their museum on campus! Below you see part of the Mill, a portion of the tractor museum and their Slogan........"HARD WORK U".....I am just enthralled with the entire concept! I would imagine teaching there would be very pleasurable!!!!!
I visited in order to bring back info for my grandchildren!!! I am hoping that their parents might be interested in looking into this for the future:D Never hurts to plant a seed.....Ha...Ha!

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Anonymous said...

WOW! I didn't even know the school is self sufficient! Interesting information! By the way, which one of the Branson hotels did you stay at? I'm trying to plan a trip and want a good hotel.