Sunday, October 19, 2008

What we have been up to........

These are the BEFORE pictures:D Yes, it was pretty.....but only in the Spring and early summer! Then it would get out of hand with few flowers!

More BEFORE pictures...........

Once the lilies started fading and the leaves started turning got that "sketchy look":D

Now this is how it looks in the AFTER pictures:D So much nicer......clean, neat and tidy!

I had said earlier that it was back to got in the way:D The last time my "Working Girls" group came to my house, we cleaned up the gardens in my backyard! Since two of the girls have a landscaping business of their own, I asked for suggestions for my front beds. Here is the problem.......Ten years ago when we built our home all of the trees had been cleared away! Being close to "tree huggers"......we started planting before the sod was laid! At the same time we started developing our gardens. The garden in the front of the house was filled with lilies, day lilies, daisies, goose neck and other perennials. It was beautiful for many years, but as the trees have grown (we planted 27 trees in our yard....front, back and sides) the sunlight has dwindled!!! This year the lilies bloomed but sparingly! It is time for a new plan:D With the suggestion of my friends we tackled the garden this week-end! First we took EVERYTHING out! We gave all the lilies to our neighbor who has a lot of sun in his backyard!
I am going to add a few more Hostas and maybe some ferns under the tree.....but will be careful this time not to get carried away:D

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nelda ream said...

I would be delighted if our poor yard could look as good as your "before" picture. But the new design is very nice. Hostas and ferns will look beautiful too. We had a shady garden once and loved using Caladiums there for Summer color.