Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little Here and A Little There!

The pumpkins are purchased, the mantle is decorated and the candy is bought and hidden so that we have it when we need it:D That is not to say that we won't get desperate one night and open a bag or discipline around here:(
I simply love the Fall of the year and always enjoy putting out the Halloween decorations! The Fall always reminds me of a comfort zone. The beginning of moving our activities inside, starting to hunker down for the cold winter. A time of up the garden beds, changing the closet from white and sleeveless to longer pants and longer sleeves:D The colors change too......just like they do outside! I especially look forward to the 3rd week-end in October! Here in St. Louis, that is when the Fall COLORS are at their finest in our area. We usually take a couple day trips in the later part of October to view God's Gift:D Driving to the wine country provides a scenic extravaganza while the wine isn't bad either.....ha..ha! Crisp days and cooler nights are invigorating.........they bring out the recipe box to find some new warmer comfort foods. Homemade soups, chili and casseroles mean changing the ingredients in the pantry. I like to stock up on stewed tomatoes, beans, pasta and other sauces. Baking becomes a priority instead of the summer treat of ice cream.
Well, Fall and Halloween decor is just the beginning of this yearly process. I am excited to see what is in store this coming season.....are you?


cindy said...

Yep, I am. : D

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year and you have listed me any of the things I love most. That scenic leaf peeping and wine tasting sounds pretty good! Wish it were closer.

Pretty post!


kelly said...

It's a good thing fall shows up-- I finally start cooking again and I'm like you-- stocking the pantry with different things. I love the striped pumpkins. I haven't seen any like that where I live. Pretty blog!

missy j said...

Looks wonderfull and your beautiful writing has me giddy for the season!

nelda ream said...

I miss Fall so much. We never have one here in Florida. I always get homesick in the Fall.