Sunday, September 21, 2008

Just Four Hours Away......

After a nice drive and a beautiful SUNSET Friday night we settled in at my son and DIL's home in K.C. We got a good nights sleep to get ready for an attraction filled Saturday:D First, we headed to the annual Plaza Art Fair.......something we always make time for!

Great show chocked full of art and creativity. Never fails to excite even the casual art enthusiast. Beautiful weather and the Plaza together are a great combo.....we viewed the booths, ate and viewed some more:D

Then it was off to "Nell Hill's"......See those smiles? We all knew we were in store for a treat here! Mary Carol greeted us as we entered and is always such a gracious hostess:D Her store was fabulous as always overflowing with creative ideas and items to tempt...... I came away with a shopping bag full of lovely goodies to fill my shelves and walls...

Throwing caution to the wind, Jeff took us to a little shop that sells the most delicious cupcakes! I don't know what they put into their dough, but I am sure Dr. Atkins wouldn't have approved.

"Baby Cakes" will remain one of our favorite dessert stops in years to come......
We then headed to a place that took my breath away!!!!!! Architectural! If you love 'old' you would have been fascinated with the quantities of items they have collected. I will be going there again once I get my ideas in order. There was so much that I loved, that I didn't know what to buy! I will work out some plans for some art pieces and then go with a list in will be the only way to act like a responsible adult:D


Just a few pics I took while perusing the many isles and floors they have jam packed full. If you are into old homes and are looking to replace any of the vintage hardware, I suggest you make a will be worthwhile:D


JUST ME said...


looks like fun was had by all and yes I would die to go visit that store. Looks amazing just by the picture.

peace to you.


nelda ream said...

What a great day. How could you possibly leave all that architectural treasure and not come away with even one piece? Now, THAT is self control. I couldn't have done it.