Monday, September 29, 2008

Making the Most of Their Space:D

Sheila and Chris live in the city where the yards are the size of postage stamps:D Chris is extremely good at designing usable space from very little! In the back of their home there is an alley and several parking places for each of the homes. Their home is a "Row House" which means it is attached to another home on one side. Their space is so limited that when they had some landscaping work done, they had their parking space done in cobble stone. This way they end up using it as entertaining space and simply park on the street in front. The other night was the unveiling of the big bouncy room.......and what fun the kids had! It fit the space perfectly and gave the twins such an enjoyable evening....not to mention the adults:D Sheila had the boys painting earlier in the day and their work is displayed on the fence in the first pic:D SO SWEET!!!


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JUST ME said...

can I come over and play with the boys Linda....???? looks like such fun.