Thursday, June 12, 2008

Paradise Found......a gratitude post!

I fear this may be a long post.......because this morning as I sat on my step and had my first cup of tea, I was overcome with the beauty and gifts of nature. God has provided such a paradise for us to dwell in. I recall telling a neighbor, Mimi, about 9 yrs. ago that I woke every morning feeling like I was on vacation:D Funny, but I still feel that way!
Where we live we back to woods and over the past 10 yrs. (when we built our home) the woods have only become more lush and filled with life. The symphony of sounds makes my heart swell and my eyes weep:D The air and ground is alive with God's creatures running here and there playing and looking for food. The male Cardinal was bathing in the birdbath as I sipped my tea and the ground hogs were scurrying around on the patio playing. The rabbits were looking for a bloom or two for breakfast and the deer were cautiously watching from a distance. A small bluish lizard made a run for it across my stepping stone to safety under the Stella Dora lilies. As the sunlight was flickering through the tall trees and the soft breeze blew across my being the squirrels scampered in the tree branches. They are able to leap from one to another without fear and it simply amazes me:D
The trees we planted have now engulfed our entire backyard and have grown around the deck, sheltering us from what is beyond. It is almost like being in a nest where you are protected on all sides with only the heavens open above. This year, due to the abundance of rain, the plants and trees are in their glory! And, with our abundance of time, are pruned, weeded, fed and mulched making them the most beautiful I have seen them:D
As much as the high price of gas and the 20 mile trip into town are keeping us a bit secluded....and the constant longing of my sister for us to move close to them....and the distance between my beloved grandchildren and could I ever leave this paradise? I have found the place God meant for me to be. It fills my every sense with overwhelming joy and thanksgiving. Here, I am still on VACATION!


Roxy with the Moxy said...

gratitude, sorry, couldn't help myself (boddle) luv, sis

The Feathered Nest said...

Linda, how absolutely GORGEOUS!! No wonder you are so very happy ~ your home and yard look just beautiful....xxoo, Dawn

Jill said...

What a lovely place. I can see why you love it so. said...

Do you know how blessed we all are to live here in the heart of America? Your home is truly a haven, and you should NEVER leave it (besides, I'd miss you)!!! My husband drives to work on that 20+ mile trek everyday; no sweat! :-) Keep on blessing those around you from where you are planted, dearest. (Maybe when we've been here as long as you have our back yard will look almost as good as yours?) linda,too

PAT said...

Your view is fabulous. I love what you've written, Linda!

This spring, even with the floods and storms, has been absolutely glorious. We are certainly enjoying our trees and plants. We just talked, the other day, about how great the Hosta's look, this year and for a longer period of time. The slugs haven't even found them yet! Knock on wood!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend.

cindy said...

Looks and sounds absolutely lovely. You are blessed indeed.

: D