Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A day with Margo.....


Last night, when I got home from errands, I was missing a baby at our house. So, I called Carrie and asked if I could have Margo for the night:D She was happy and so was I drove half-way to our meeting spot and picked up my bundle of joy! Milly wanted to come too.....and that hurt! I don't want them to cry because they can't come with us, but Margo sometimes needs her time away from Milly. I think I will be having both of them for the next 6 Tuesdays.....but.....that is a whole other story (babysitter problems:(
We had fun all day shopping, eating, playing and pooling! She is easy to care for if you don't count a temper tantrum once in a great while...LOL! She wanted to go to McDonald's and I said no! Not a word she is fond of........I think in her mind when she sees papa and me she immediately thinks...Happy Meal! She hammed it up for me when I got out the are a few shots....and....I know you are bored with grandchildren BUT, they are a major part of my life:D
Nana has been shopping lately for new clothes for our house! I do that because Carrie usually sends her in her play clothes which can get pretty nasty once we have played in the sand, rocks and fountains:D Also, because she stays with us many nights (not always planned very far in advance) and I need to have appropriate things here for her. Let me mention here that I have a drawer for each grandchild. In it you will find: sock, jammies, shirts, pants, shorts, swimming suits and diapers....LOL! Just so you don't think I am really playing favorites. I also have a closet stocked with sweatshirts, sweaters and coats....did I mention shoes and slippers? I have them too!
Anyway, these are pics of her new duds and swimsuit.....she is really getting big!


Roxy with the Moxy said...

The smile is so fantastic ! Love to see it, it beams !!!

Nancy said...

She's looking pretty in her gress.... apparel shopping is not easy but I have made it easier by going through online stores like DJ Premium, which my favorite one for dresses.