Sunday, June 15, 2008

"This Small Space" and the SMILE OPTION!

I had to laugh myself when I saw this option on my new camera. After investigating I couldn't believe new camera can detect a smile! YES, you heard me can DETECT A SMILE! So, last night I put it to the are the results. I focused in on their faces without smiles and then asked them slowly to smile. As their face changed, the camera automatically shot the picture when their face was smiling:D OMG...what will they think of next?

For the third week-end in a row, we were invited for dinner at my son and daughter's home in Lafayette Square. We were celebrating "Father's Day" and Jeff had come in to be with Rog:D I wanted to share these photos taken last night because of the use of space (or lack of....LOL). In Lafayette Square you are lucky to have any yard at all......and these two have made the MOST of theirs!!!!! They live in a row house meaning their home is attached to this case there are three attached. This leaves very little for yard in back and front:D As you can see, Chris is bar-b-q-ing in the space between their home and the next! These three sets of neighbors are VERY close....not only literally, but emotionally. They cut one another's yards, borrow space and equipment like they are family! Heaven help them if they didn't get along. The alley is an important part of life now that they have the two boys:) Here you see them riding their electric cars and playing ball on the hoop across the alley-way!
They are very lucky to own the open lot next to them which is their garden. They do plan to build a two story addition in the future to add a small family room and another bedroom upstairs. Chris has made a little jewel out of this plot of land and you can see people stopping to look as they drive by....front and back! The boys will always remember the fun they had as kids playing in "This Small Space"......


JUST ME said...

What fun and if I were passing by I would be stearing toooo... What a beautiful small space. I love it. Thanks for always passing by my blog and leaving a comment Linda. I truly appreciate it. You have a wonderful family and I just wanted you to know you have been blessed. I will definetly keep checking out your blog when I leave. I hope ROG and your Son had a wonderful father's day. Looks like they did.


Angelica Torrez

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Pretty banner, Linda. Thanks for stopping by & wow, I love your kids' place. What a neat looking row house & backyard space. I can definitely see that they've made great use of their small space. If I had the budget, I would have loved to do stone walls and pretty pavers like that. It's just gorgeous!


Dana King said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I loved learning about your work group. I am curious, is your group the same one that Laura Gunn is a part of? She is an artist in the St. Louis area and describes the same kind of work-party concept.

I used to live in Wildwood, now I am in the CWE. I will take a closer look at your work and add you to my St. Louis favorites blog roll.

If you would like to share your work group's interior design work with our designHop network I would be grateful. I think the work-party concept is wonderful and more people can be inspired to do it. If you and your group would like to join the designHop network I can note to send you information. I think there will be advantages to linking these kinds of groups together.

Beverly said...

What an awesome space. I know they must enjoy it.

Amazing feature on your camera. I had never heard of it.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Please visit again sometime.

PAT said...

What an amazing home! Linda, this is beautiful. I love what they've done.

That's a pretty nifty feature on your camera! Never heard of anything like it.


Brenda Kula said...

Oh, you are right. It is absolutely a beautiful yard! And they have made the most of it. They (or you) should send it in to a gardening magazine showing what you can do with small spaces. I live in a garden home, so I know!

Merci-Notes said...

What a beautiful home! Especially evident after reading your post!
With Kindness,