Monday, March 31, 2008

Opening Day!


I was Opening Day at the Cardinal Ballpark
Carrie and Michael were off for the events of the day!
We were watching the girls.
Milly (our littlest pumpkin) arrived about noon
we played, lunched and took a bubble bath!
When I went to take pictures,
she became very attached to her "sippy cup"!
I tried everything
to get her to give it up long enough for me to get a few pics....
but NO!
Bribes, cookies and candy all failed!
Then I tried hiding it!
Not a good idea......the screaming and crying was more that I could take....
and who wanted a picture of her with tears:(

Since I don't get to have her very often, I really wanted some current pics.....
so here is what I got.....Ha....Ha!

Then we headed to Carrie's house
to wait for Margo getting off the school bus!
As the day went on, the clothes came off!
By the end of the evening when Mommy and Daddy got home....
this is what Milly looked like:D
At least she didn't have that "sippy cup" in her mouth:D


Cory said...

Linda...this has got to be the cutest little girl ever, well.....maybe not as cute as my great granddaughter...LOL.
Thanks for peeking in on my blog an for the nice comment.


Cory said...

Yes..I have a great granddaughter AND a great grandson. Got married at age seven, LOL
Thank you for the best comment ever.


Nancy Maxwell James said...

I can't believe how much she is grown! she is adorable. did Grandma make that sweet outfit she has on also? :) hope you are doing well!!!

lindaharre said...

No Nancy.....I wish I could say that I did.....isn't it cute though!