Wednesday, April 02, 2008

If it's's WORKDAY!

Today was a workday Wednesday at my house. I wanted my green bathroom painted and purchased the paint at Nell Hill's in K.C. over Easter. I finished it after the girls left at 3:00 today! While two were working in the bathroom, Sallie and I decided to paint my French Chairs I recently got at an estate sale. The fabrics I am having them upholstered in are fabulous and I will post when I get them back. RL fabrics always are some of my favorites:D Anyway, the chairs were a shabby cream color and seemed too dated to me. Sallie that they would look good black and I agreed. We stated by pulling off the piping and pulling the fabric back from the wood as well as we could. Them the paint. It took several coats and I still have a coat to apply, but they are really looking good! I am thrilled to get these two projects marked off my list.....having 8 hands is such a treat!!!! Thanks girls:D

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Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I love the color of your bathroom. That was quite a change. The chairs look great black. I read somewhere that every room needs black in it. Congratulations on being published. I will look for the magazine.