Sunday, March 30, 2008

SpRiNg is coming.....

I was able to spend Thursday and Friday with my they are playing hide and seek! It was nice out Thursday, so we went outside for awhile:)


I seem to be spending all my time collecting items for my antique mall booth and Ebay and have spent little time on art lately:( I don't like that, but that is how it has been...... I went to a flea market early this morning and aside from freezing my "tucuss" off and frantically driving around on the lot to find a Johnny on the Spot.....I found little! I think it was just too cold to concentrate. Whoever heard of having a flea market when the temp. is below freezing???? I am not a big outdoor person in the winter anyway..... Had a nice visit with my daughter when she and Margo came over today. I taught her how to use Ebay and placed some listing for her. Margo spent some quality time with her Papa! Once they had gone, I layed down for a little nap.....ha...ha FOUR HOURS later I awoke to a hubby that had fixed himself a light dinner and was enjoying a movie! Oh those long winter did I get by before retiring? I seem to enjoy sleeping almost as much as I enjoy creating art and thrift shopping...LOL Since I am not tired, I decided to but together a couple of collages of what I am dreaming of.....SPRING and my grandbabies:D Both seem to put a smile on my face! If any of you are interested, you can find my items on Ebay by clicking "community" at the top right of the screen and then typing in my Ebay name....lharre.....That should get you to my listings.


Administrator said...

they look SO big! Where did the babies go? - I had fun!


Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

I love your blog. I love your art work and sewing projects. I enjoy doing both. I love your Valentine cards and the beautiful Christmas tree ornaments. The Monday nights must be fun. I like the idea of friends helping one another with what ever has to be done day. Looking foward to more of your ideas.

Treasure Barn said...

What adorable children you have. I had three little boys. I miss those days.

I love the way your page turned out. Great work.

Susan Tuttle said...

Gorgeous children!

How exciting that you have a mall booth!