Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Projects to cross off the list:D

Here are a few of the things I have been working on......some for Christmas and....some for me! I had this awkward space in my livingroom where nothing seemed to fit and yet it appeared naked:D I have had a mirror hanging there and a picture as well, but as the tree has grown....it covered them. Yesterday I went on a search for a screen or something I could make a screen out of....aka shutters, doors etc. I did find some lovely screens at the local antique stores, but the price was prohibitive in my small budget! At the last place I looked.........I found several inexpensive solutions:D First there was an old wooden drying rack that actually looked like a piece of an antique ladder. Then, there were 4 white shutter doors with all the remaining hardware....great! These items ran about 100.00 each and were in my budget:D....THEN, on the third floor of the shop I spied two old door grids. You know, the kind that make a large pane of glass look like it is true divided light? Well.....at 29.00 each they were a steal! There was no paint or finish on the wood yet, which made it a great candidate for my black finish I wanted! I picked up one and headed for the check out:D There, sitting on a table was a great basket....flat and just the right length to tie onto my new piece! Well, it doesn't get any better than this! After painting and finishing, I tied on the basket and a picture I had and WALLA! What do you think?

Also.....here is the comforter I showed you earlier....back from the quilter! She has a long arm quilting machine and does such a nice job:D I had her outline most of the quilt which I really like:D I was so thrilled with the results that I went and got another panel and fat quarters to make another! GREAT GIFTS and rather inexpensive:D

"CLOVER" makes this wonderful little "Yo Yo" maker and I thought I would share it with you! It is easy as pie and you can get it online if you don't have a shop close by:D I think mine was $6.25 plus shipping........I makes a perfect yo yo every time:D That will put a smile on your face! I plan on making a little jacket for my granddaughter and embellishing it with "Yo Yo's"

Last, but not least, are these darling panels you can get to make into cloth books! Now, I plan on making some creative ones of my own, but not everyone appreciates that type of work....so I made up two of these darling books and am quite pleased!


mountain-quiltist said...

Linda, you are so clever! I love your new thing-a-ma-bob behind the chair...just perfect for that spot and looking like an accessory straight out of Nieman-Marcus only better!

Love it, and glad you tied the basket and the painting to it to add even more interest.

I love those book panels. I buy them and use them as cheater squares with simple posts and sashing in a quilt. The quilting really makes it.

Good work and thanks for sharing what you've been up to!

cindy said...

Thanks for coming by my blog, I appreciate it. I love that old panel. Looks even better with the basket and picture. Chair looks comfy-cute too. I love it. And love the little yo-yo thing. I've been wanting to learn how and that is perfect. Cute quilt too.

nelda said...

What a clever use for an old panel! If the antique dealer you bought it from could see it now she would want it back. LOL You are so creative.