Monday, November 05, 2007

Second Sitting.......

The story is a bit cumbersome....but....Margo was here for the week-end. When I put the new skirt (I had just made) and the t-shirt (I just bought to match) on her she was very happy:D Papa and I were out on the patio painting the furniture and arbor black.....not only black, but oil base Rustoleum Black!!!! Margo usually isn't affected by what we are doing, so I bussied her riding her bike and went about my business:( Well......with a gust of energy she came flying at me and ended up with her arms resting on the newly painted table top....she had paint from her wrists to her elbows:D As quickly as I could I removed her shirt...not to cause further damage... and wisked her inside! The new shirt went into the trash can and she and I went hunting for another.
When I was at the store I did purchase several other t-shirts in various colors to accompany some of the new fabrics I had bought....and among them was this bright raspberry PINK! After seeing Margo in the skirt I decided it was too long and it needed to be also needed a little something to set it off. That is where the black lace came into the picture. I made two flowerettes (Carrie's suggestion) with yoyo's on top and a bit of vintage ribbon! Attaching one to the skirt and one to the shirt completed the outfit. I like it a lot better now:D Also, not pictured......I made her a very full white petticoat last that can be worn under many of her skirts with scads of ruffles and white huge rick rac......With this underneath she will look adorable:D


linda t said...

My favorite new color is raspberry pink... but I have never heard anyone call it that till you said it in this post!
Love your blog!

nelda said...

I am so surprised you trashed the first shirt. I thought you were gonna tell how you added even more paint and came up with an altered art treasure. But the outfit is SO cute with the rasberry top.