Saturday, December 23, 2006

On Her Way to 100!

My sister is doing a series of protraits! Each is done on a 12" X 12" canvas with museum edge. She has been working very hard on them as she heads towards her goal of 100! Quite a challenge:) Anyway, she is hoping for a gallery showing sometime next year in conjunction with her daughter, Tracey (my one and only niece). Tracey has been traveling through China, Tibet, Thialand and India for the past 4 months taking pictures. Her portraits are magnificent. Sandy, my sister, is hoping to have Tracey's photos and her own paintings shown together. Wouldn't that be fantastic? Yes, yes, and yes! The portrait in the upper and lower left corners is a portrait of one of my sister's students who recently died from cancer. In this portrait you can see her hair just starting to grow back after chemo. Sandy said she presented the portrait to the girls parents last week! She said it was a very touching moment! Posted by Picasa


Jill said...

These are just lovely. I have tried to leave comments on your sister's blog, but since I don't use blogger...I am unable to. Please tell her how beautiful I think her paintings are. My sister paints portraits...I know it is difficult to get just that "look". Kudos to Sandy...and I hope she and her daughter are able to have that show. That would be so cool!
By the way, your tags arrived today! They are WAY WONDERFUL!!! Thank you!
Merry Christmas!

lindaharre said...

Jill..........I was beginning to worry that the tags were not going to reach you! Sorry it took so long! Thanks for the Kudos to my sis....I will pass them along:) It makes her happy when people comment and inspires her as well. Merry Christmas!!!!! hugs, Linda

Roxy with the Moxy said...

Thanks, Lin for the beautiful Christmas Eve gift, the space on the blog.... and all the wonderful kind words and thoughts.... I love you, sissy