Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Eve........

Well......the excitement is over and the wrappings are all put away....what remains are the sweet memories of a fun filled evening. The twins showed up wearing their little elf like outfits and were so precious:) Margo and Milly came in their grandma made new dresses. The bows on Milly's dress were as big as her sweet little face! Bunko was a success as usual but the food.....oh the food! I don't know what we were thinking, but we had enough food to feed the neighborhood and it seems like everyone must have eaten before arriving. I must get creative in the kitchen in order not to waste all the food that was left. This year we had people come in waves. The twins and Margo and Milly came very early....about 3:00 in the afternoon. That way we could savor the moments of excitement while they opened their Santa gifts. Next, Sandy and Bus and my nephew and his wife arrived along with Laura and Gabby. Josie (their other child) was running a fever so daddy stayed home with her and sent mama and Gabby to play with us! Later Chris and Christine, Ali and Kyle arrived as well as Jimmy (my nephew). Everyone had a good time playing Bunko, the family tradition. This year each person bought one nice $25 gift and 3 silly gifts. With the roll of the dice you were looking to accumulate 5 sixes! Then it was your turn to pick a gift......when all were selected we play to steal from one another. That is the most fun! Silly gifts get passed frantically from one to another until time is called! We always get a laugh when these are opened......because we have been known to do some embarrassing things. We have had pictures turned into posters and even put onto mugs! We try to "out clever ourselves" from year to year. For some reason I failed to get a picture of everybody! It really makes me mad, but I am told that some pics are headed my way via email! I will post later, just to be fair:)Posted by Picasa

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Carol said...

Oh this is a great game, we used to play that too, I almost forget about it, thank you for reminding me Linda, we have to do this again next year!

Looks like you have had a wonderful Christmas time! Happy holidays! xox