Wednesday, September 27, 2006


One of my beautiful daughter-in-laws! I fell in love with her the first time I met her. She is bright, happy, generous, unselfish, hard working, loving, responsible and FUN! So nice to love the one your child falls in love with. We just got back from K.C. where we were helping them with their new "old" home. I always feel welcome and so appreciated. She opens her home to us as though we were her own parents. She is always up to do anything we want and is always ready to make sure we have a good time! I adore her and am so glad she is mine (so to speak). I love being with her and she has a way of making me feel so important! Arica, you are all I could ever ask for in a daughter and I love you so! Posted by Picasa


Denise S. said...

You are truly blessed to be treated so wonderfully!

Carol said...

How touching! She looks stunning and I quess she is also happy to have you as her creative and loving mum in law!