Monday, September 22, 2014

Pumpkin Farm and Balloon Glow!

Special times with loved ones!
We started out at the Brookdale Farms in Eureka.....BUT...
finding they were going to charge us more than 50.00 for us to get in...
we jumped in our cars and headed for Rombaughs in Chesterfield Valley!
Free to get in.....and no extra charges to take part in a fun day!
We ate and PAPA bought the girls some really BIG PUMPKINS!
Margo loves pumpkins so she was in heaven.
Milly has fun no matter where she it was a grand and glorious day!
The only thing missing was Chris and Jeff and their families :(

Sweet family filled with love!

Funny the little it takes to make us happy!
Someone that loves us and someone to love!
That's about it!

Sister Love!

The Post Dispatch featured our boys 
on the front page yesterday.
During the annual Great Balloon Race....
the boys got some camera time:)

Not to mention Chris in the background!

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