Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall yard is a beautiful thing!

I always get sad when the days get shorter 
and the nights get cooler............
it means that winter is around the corner! 
The joy of flowers 
and summer plantings make my day

Our fountain 
makes the most beautiful music.....
We have it going 
from morning to night :)

and the Zinnias................OMG the Zinnias!
I don't think I will ever be
 without Zinnias again!
Where have I been?

The deer managed to eat most of my Clematis
but this lone late bloomer opened yesterday :^)

Our outdoor room where I spend a lot of my time :)

We were just about ready to get rid of this concrete fountain bowl.
It broke some years ago and I usually put a fern there!
It broke in a way that couldn't be fixed.
This year.....Rog drilled holes in the bottom of it...
and needless to say, that was a chore!
The holes made it possible to plant in it....thus the mums! 

I will be looking at these pics as the winter winds blow...
but for now, I get to enjoy the real thing!

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